March 2016 Election

Want a Choice for Teamster President? You Can Make it Happen

Vote Teamsters for Democracy

The Teamsters for Democracy slate is running for Convention Delegate, not local union office

On March 4, a ballot will be mailed to your house to vote for Teamster Local 317’s delegates to the Teamsters International Convention.

The Teamsters for Democracy slate is running to:
Give you a choice in the October 2016 Teamster Election.

  • We will vote to nominate the Teamsters United slate so that the slate of incumbent International President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. does not run unopposed.
  • Report back to the membership about what happened at the Convention.
  • Represent everyday working Teamsters. The Teamsters for Democracy candidates are rank-and-file Teamsters. We punch a time clock and work under Teamster contract just like you. We understand your issues. Send working
  • Teamsters to be your voice at the Teamster Convention.

Cast your vote for Teamster Democracy

A totally secret ballot will be mailed on your home by March 4.
Give yourself a choice in the election for Teamster President in October 2016.