Slate Bios

Howie Hawkins is a 15-year Teamster at UPS. He is Treasurer for both the Southside Community Coalition and the Eat To Live Food Cooperative in Syracuse. Many people know Howie as the Green Party’s 2014 candidate for NY Governor.

Walter C. Burks, Jr. is an 18-year Teamster at UPS who has been removed from the ballot. He was first deemed eligible by the Election Supervisor before later being ruled ineligible. You can read the Election Superivisor’s final decision here.

Shaun Owens is a 25-year Teamster at UPS. He started as a preloader and has gained valuable experience through many positions including package car driver. He has graduated from NTTS and is looking forward to driving feeders at UPS. He lives in Syracuse with his family.

Kevin Ash is a 22-year Teamster at UPS and an AAU basketball coach.

Paul Cleveland is a 25-year Teamster at UPS. He is a self-taught artist, a History & Aviation buff and member of the NRA.

Jack Spicer is a 15-year Teamster at UPS. He likes to fish and shoot. He’s an outdoorsman, sports fan, and a geek about comics and toys.

Mike Rondinello has worked at P&C, Flickinger, Scrivener, Fleming, and now UPS in his 23 years as a Teamster. He works a second job at DOT Foods to help support his nine children and step-children.

William Shaughnessy, Jr. is a 20-year Teamster at UPS, a longtime labor activist, and 1st Deputy Chief of the North Bay Fire Department.